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Arriving at the Heritage Centre

Checking In

Groups should arrive 10 minutes before their tour time and make their way from the car park to the reception desk to register the precise number of pupils and adults per group. This is so we can comply with safety regulations.


Payment can be made by cash or by cheque to The Joseph Williamson Society. Alternatively we can invoice your school.


Toilets are located in the off the foyer area near the restaurant/bar. Please ensure pupils use these if necessary before their tour.

Shop Merchandise

Museum memorabilia is displayed in a small unit near the reception area such as rulers, video. Booklets and much more.

Visitors with Disabilities

a) Visitors using Wheelchairs

Regretfully, the tunnel network is not suitable for wheelchair users. Only the cafe, exhibition area and the toilets are accessable. Therefore, there is no charge for admission. Visitors with limited mobility are usually able to complete the tour. The tour does move slowly, and although there are steps and varying surfaces, we usually find that a person who is capable of going up and down a staircase in a normal house can manage the tour.

b) Visitors with hearing impairments.

At present we are unable to supply an induction loop.

c) Visitors with visual impairments

Guide Dogs are welcome on site. Visitors will be able to feel the sandstone and brick tunnels, hear the history of Williamson and his network and feel some of the artefacts found in the tunnels.

Please telephone the centre to discuss your needs or attach details to your booking form, so we can make arrangements and ensure you have an enjoyable visit.

Health & Safety

In an emergency evacuation, if on tour, the guide will direct the group out of the visitor centre towards the assembly point. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure all pupils are accounted for.

Please ensure that pupils are supervised at all times during the visit. The Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre cannot be held responsible for pupils' safety.